The ESAB PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) system combined with the ESAB welding helmets, offers heavy duty protection from welding fume and dust when welding, gouging & grinding. The unit features the latest in PCB Board technology, allowing the welder to adjust the air flow from 170 l/min to 220 l/min to suit the environment and application. This is highlighted by an LED airflow indicator on top of the unit. The PAPR unit is equipped with audio visual blocked filter and low battery alarms, offering extra safety for the welder. The strong physical construction of the PAPR unit also makes it extremely robust and suitable for all heavy duty welding applications.


The PAPR unit has been tested in combination with the following ESAB helmets: Sentinel A50, Warrior Tech, G50, G40, G30 and F20.

ESAB PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) Unit

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  • User adjustable air flow 170/220 l/min

    Li-Ion battery pack (up to 8hr duration @ 220 l/min)

    P3 filter and pre-filter

    International intelligent charger (interchangeable pins)

    Audio/visual blocked filter and low battery alarm