Its high-quality ball joint fitted at the handle combined with the elastic rubber cable support afford you superior freedom of movement when using the torch.

Grip handle recess
The ergonomically shaped gun handle recess of the Lorch MW 5900 provides for first-rate handling and balance in any position. The soft-grip insert guarantees operating comfort at the highest level to ensure that you will not tire when welding for extended periods.

Powermaster control
The Powermaster variant of our Lorch MW 5900 lets you control key parameters directly at the torch and load the settings of your welding jobs from the job memory one at a time.

Using the Tiptronic facility in the Powermaster variant, you simply save the ideal setting for each weld in the required sequence. The job memory makes it quick and easy to load up to 100 work values one after the other when you need them.


Lorch MW 5900 Water-Cooled MIG-MAG Standard Welding Torch