Ergonomic handle recess, size 2
Offering an optimised centre of gravity, the oval handle recess moulds perfectly to your hand, affording you much improved handling of your TIG torch. The contoured design of its sides prevents the torch from shifting and eliminates fatigue while you are welding as this special design provides for comfortable handling.


The ball joint found at the handle and the resilient leather flex hose package guarantee superior freedom of movement and ease of use.


Attached cover caps
To prevent you from losing them ever again, the cover caps sealing the water hoses are now firmly attached to the water hose.   


The decreased distance between the controls of the TIG torch, which optimises the torch's centre of gravity, allows the operator to control the torch in a safe and reliable manner and to keep the arc steady while guiding along the torch.


The elevated secondary current button reliably prevents any inadvertent operation of the UpDown button.


The hose package included with the TIG torch is available as a 4m and an 8m option as well as in other custom lengths by special order.

Lorch a-LTW 1800sc-UD Up-Down Watercooled TIG Welding Torch

  • Type of torch

    type of cooling water-cooled


    Load DC (in A) 320
    Load AC (in A) 230

    Duty cycle

    Duty cycle (in %) 100%

    Field of application

    installable electrodes (in mm) 1,0-4,0

    Torch equipment

    Standard equipment for electrode: 2,4
    Handle recess 2
    Torch connection 5-pole Tuchel

    Standards and approvals

    standard EN 60974-07
  • TIG Torch with 100 % DC at 400A DC / 280A AC/DC